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Diventures Explorers

Does your child have an interest in scuba diving and marine life? Diventures Explorers allows children to explore their underwater curiosity and learn valuable lifelong skills. Best of all, it’s focused on fun!


Diventures Explorers is for children 8 through 12 with strong swimming skills and is designed to give your child:

  • Impressive skills at a young age: They’ll gain a basic understanding of snorkeling, scuba, gear and other fundamentals in a safe pool environment with a certified instructor.
  • Fun, fun, and more fun: They’ll get guidance from Emma, Nico and other entertaining characters. Every camp includes a variety of exciting activities and fun challenges.
  • Marine life and ecology knowledge: Your child will explore and learn about underwater species, organisms and the delicate underwater ecosystem.

Ecology classes include:

  • Ocean Ally Explorer
  • Sea Turtle Ecology
  • Shark Ecology
  • Dolphin Ecology
  • Cephalopod Ecology

The Diventures Explorer recognition rating is achieved by the completion of a Diventures Explorer camp. Upon this rating, a student can complete Explorer Specialties (Boat Explorer, Photo and Video Explorer, Perfect Buoyancy Explorer, etc.) offered by that Diventures location.


Note:  In order to participate, you will need a clean bill of health or a physician's approval to dive. This form will be sent to you following registration and needs to be completed prior to your first session. If you do not receive medical clearance from your physician for whatever reason, then we will issue a full refund for the course.

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