• Extended Range Foundations Instructor

Extended Range Foundations Instructor

Provides instructors with the training to be able to issue certifications in Extended Range Foundations based on the specific configuration(s) in which they hold instructor-level ratings.


Pre-requisite and Ending Certification Level

  • Open Water Instructor - will earn the Extended Range Foundations Insturctor (Single Cylinder) rating
  • Extended Range Instructor - will earn the Extended Range Foundations Instructor (Twinset) rating
  • Recreational Sidemount Diving Specialty Instructor - will earn the Extended Range Foundations Instructor (Sidemount) rating


Does Not Include

  • SSI XR Instructor wetnotes
  • Travel or fees associated with the dive center where training will occur
  • Gas prices (nitrox or trimix) are an additional fee.


Medical Clearance

Each student participating in Extended Range training must provide a Medical Participant Questionnaire, approved and signed by a licensed medical practioner based on a diving medical examination and dated within one year of the training completion date, prior to any in-water activity. This form will be sent to you following registration and needs to be completed prior to your first session, including physician approval. If you do not receive medical clearance from your physician for whatever reason, then we will issue a full refund for the course.


Undecided Dates or Private Course

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